Summer Days Firefly Nights in Ontario

Good morning from Port Franks, Ontario

This secret enclave is in the vicinity of the very popular beach town Grand Bend.  Here life moves a little slower, the people are a little friendlier and daily small talk is about last night’s sunset, beautiful weather, water condition and fishing. Worries of the world seem far away.

Last night’s sunset truly was amazing. A big red and purple fireball sank into the Ausable River, where we were sitting on the bench. I can only imagine how spectacular it would have been at the beach – it is always difficult to decide where to go to watch our sunset series! No tv needed. Ryan, a guest, from Port Franks Getaway sent us a picture from the beach:

The almost mystical sunrise this morning induced a calm serenity. A gentle mist was floating off the water as the sun’s rays radiated through the veil.

Morning has Broken - Ausable River, Port Franks Getaway
Morning has Broken – Ausable River, Port Franks Getaway

I can’t wait to see what this gorgeous day has to offer! Just waiting to hear the catch and release fish tails!

What are you waiting for? Pack your yoga mat and swimsuit and get going!

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