Weekend of Sunshine and Boating

Pontoon Boating, Ausable River Views - Port Franks Getaway
Pontoon Boating, Ausable River Views

Another great weekend is coming to a close.  For some, their holiday is just beginning, for others, it is time to prepare for work tomorrow.

Saturday I could be found with my friends lazily making our way along the Ausable River.  It is such a beautiful ride; bullrushes, cottages, woods and other scattered watercraft making their way up or down river, waving as they pass by.  The pace was slow and relaxed. Kayaks and canoes shared the waterway, everyone just enjoying the beautiful sunshine and scenery.

Kayaking Ausable River - Port Franks Getaway, Ontario, Canada
Kayaking Ausable River

Today (Sunday), Lake Huron was flat and everyone came off the river and headed out into the lake.  Some took the time to drop anchors and swim, some barbecued, while others pulled tubes and water skiers across the shimmering blue surface.

Weekends at the lake – Welcome to Port Franks Getaway!

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