Beach Morning, Port Franks, Ontario Canada

Butterflies & Seagulls – Morning walks on the beautiful Port Franks Beach in Ontario, Canada.

Driftwood Seagull - Port Franks Beach, Ontario, Canada
Driftwood Seagull – Port Franks Beach, Ontario, Canada

Today, while out on our morning beach walk, we were surrounded by Monarch Butterflies.  I don’t know where they magically came from, but it was incredibly beautiful. Hundreds of butterflies were flitting through the air, captivating us with their beauty.

As luck always has it, I only had my cell phone with me and none of the pictures did any justice to the winged wonders. However, I think the above photo of the seagull on driftwood did turn out ok and brings the serenity of the area out perfect.

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  1. Hello…can you tell me if you know if anything is being done about to the grass that has overtaken the beach at Port Frank’s? It seems very unbalanced to allow a beach to disappear because of this. Can the owners or Conservation Dept not at least remove 10 or 20 feet of grass? Who would I contact about this? My son has just bought a property in Port Frank’s this coming August 30.
    Thank you so much for your help!!

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