First Snow Port Franks Ontario

Extra Extra Read All About It! First Snow of the Season!

Snow Covered Pine Branch - Port Franks Getaway, Ontario
Snow Covered Pine Branch – Port Franks Getaway, Ontario

Ok, admittedly, I do not normally write this close together, but I could not resist announcing the first snowfall of the season. As Port Franks slowly woke up this morning and light pushed the darkness away, it started snowing; not big fluffy flakes, not thick rain, but fluffy little flakes which just kept falling.

Spring Clings, Winter Falls - Port Franks Getaway, Lake Huron
Spring Clings, Winter Falls

A light blanket covered the ground and trees and although I already know by spring I will be wishing for summer, on this day I was like a child in awe of the beauty. Just another reason to stay at Port Franks Getaway – your 4 season retreat in the heart of Ontario’s West Coast on beautiful Lake Huron!

Coat of Snow - Port Franks Getaway
Coat of Snow – Port Franks Getaway

You can see why Port Franks is fast becoming a top destination in Ontario, Canada! A prime location for Nature Lovers and Romantics alike.

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  1. Beautiful photography and scenery. We will be booking one of your romantic Port Franks cottage getaways in January and cannot wait 🙂

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