Trail Blazing

Pack your snacks and water! We have been busy checking out some of the local trails. Believe it or not, winter is a perfect time for hiking. No people, no mosquitos, not too hot, but you can warm up quick! In the bush, you are sheltered from the cold winds, but the sun still filters through.

Winter Beach Walk - Lake Huron, Port Franks Getaway
Winter Beach Walk – Lake Huron,

Feel the burn or just a leisure outing – Most of the trails offer differing levels of difficulty – easy avoid inclines and long distances, while the most difficult go longer and have some very steep hills. Mix and match is available on many of the trails.

River Trail Hike - Port Franks Getaway, Ontario
River Trail Hike –, Ontario, Canada

Get going! Something for everyone! For the die hard beach lovers, walking along the shore-line is always an option. You have to dress a little warmer though as the winds which come in off the lake can be fairly cold on exposed skin.

Winter Hiking - Port FranksGetaway, Lake Huron, Ontario
Winter Hiking –, Lake Huron, Ontario

Port Franks Getaway, located in a quiet Lake Huron hamlet is waiting for you with a cozy fireplace to curl up beside! What are you waiting for?

Cross Country Skiing - Port Franks Getaway
That’s Me Cross Country Skiing!

And don’t get me started on the fun of cross country skiing! PFG is waiting for you.

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